Don Aslett – How To Clean Hard Floors Like A Pro

For daily floor cleaning, Don Aslett recommends you mop with a neutral cleaner like Clean N Brite or Wood Wash so they don’t get dull. The Don Aslett Mini Pro or larger Pro Mop will help make clean up even easier with a microfiber pad. Microfiber pads will mop up to 500 square feet of floor before they need to be cleaned. They are machine washable up to 300 times so one pad can last you for years saving you money compared to disposables.

There are different types of pads so you can use them for dusting as well. Dust mopping is a quick way to make sure your floors stay beautiful between applications of finishes by removing the damaging dirt – dirt is just loose sand so it is like taking sandpaper to your floors every time you walk on them. Dust Mop in an s shape with your pile of gunk out in front (to avoid scratching) and then just vacuum is up when you’re done.

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