14 Apr 2016
April 14, 2016

Removing Hard Water Spots & Build Up

April 14, 2016 Bathroom FAQ

Do you have ugly hard water problems?  Most households do!  Getting rid of hard water is the #1 cleaning issue that can hog your cleaning time and be the cause of more hair-pulling frustration than anything else.  If you try to clean it off of a surface the wrong way you might damage or even destroy the surface you were just trying to clean!

Hard water is the build-up of minerals and other impurities left when water evaporates.

So, if it is a build-up near a water source that scrubbing and regular cleaners can’t budge, chance are it is hard water.

Hard Water Wears Many Disguises.

It can be white, grey, or even light green, light yellow, light brown, or blue!

It can be a white haze on the outside of windows or on shower doors.  This haze can also be found around faucets, sinks, drains, or on walls and windows where rain or sprinkler over-spray falls.

Hard water forms a tough ring inside toilet bowls that regular scrubbing just can’t touch.

It leaves speckles and spots on tile, fiberglass, dishes, glass wear, boats, and more.

It is also the thick, scaly build up that can be found inside dishwashers, pipes, jetted tubs, toilet tanks, hot tub jets, etc.

We hear stories from homeowners who ruined counter tops and brand new marble bathrooms, dissolved gaskets, and ground away the enamel inside their toilets – all in desperate attempts to remove hard water!

Why is hard water such a pain?  Because there are only two effective ways to remove it:  dissolve it or scrape it away.   But scraping should always be your last resort!  Before choosing a cleaner it is imperative you identify the surface the hard water is on.   The surface type determines the cleaner to choose.  But there are so many surfaces hard water is found on.   So choosing a cleaner that won’t damage the surface AND will remove the build-up can be confusing!

6 Responses to Removing Hard Water Spots & Build Up
  1. I purchased the Foam & Flush and the Johnny Mop on Amazon.com, but I am not able to find how I can purchase a toilet caddy and the Pumie stone anywhere. Can you help?

    • You can purchase the caddie and pumice stones as part of a kit on either QVC.com or Amazon.com. We no longer sell them individually. You can contact the store locations about the possibility of purchasing and shipping, the store locations have new ownership.

  2. Love your products and have for years. Very disappointed that catalog is gone. Looked forward to your new products/tools and to reorder old favorites. Also, how do I find Once Over?
    I saved your last catalog for reference. May I buy products from your stores and have them shipped?
    Thank you

    • We do offer a variety of products on QVC.com and AMAZON.COM. Unfortunately we do not offer Once Over. You can contact the stores individually about the possibility of ordering product and having it shipped. The Stores are now have new owners.

  3. Why can’t I find your SpotVac Sub-Surface Carpet Xtractor anywhere? It looked like the answer to my horrible carpet problems!

    • Hi –

      Sorry for the delayed response, we were having some issues with our site. Are you still interested? We do have some stock on hand and could help you with this item.

      Thank you!


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